Our Story

Our Story

Growing up as a farmer's granddaughter, our founder Madhu Gahalot knew the benefits of all-natural products. She wanted to incorporate this into her daily routine, and especially for her kids. From grandma’s healing salves to a modern world's aspirations of beauty, Melange Organics stands firm in believing we can fall in love with our skin rather than trying to change ourselves trying to fit in. Nature has given us every remedy, it’s time we go back to basics and embrace natural beauty. 

What We Do

At Melange Organics, we focus on prioritizing your skin. We strive for perfection. We only use all-natural ingredients to make sure your skin is happy and looking it's best self. 

We are committed to giving you skincare made for you while prioritizing natural ingredients, positive body image, and breaking free from stereotypes.

Our mission is to help everyone feel empowered in their bodies. We set aside harmful notions and bring forth positive reassurance. 

We operate on individuality and inclusivity. We want this to be a space everyone can be comfortable and feel safe while also coming together for one goal: self-love.