Our soaps are produced solely from AAA food-grade organic ingredients. Every soap has a purpose; the recipes are handcrafted and imbued with medicated properties to heal and nourish the skin. Soaps are made to be biodegradable, not only helping you but protecting the planet as well. Our soaps are SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) and SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfate) free, ingredients known to cause skin cancer by corroding the skin. Every step in our creation process to the packaging and sending off is made to be Clean, Natural, and Ethical.
  1. Green Tea & Lavender
  1. Activated Charcoal Purifying Soap with Himalayan salt
  1. Turmeric Soap
  1. Soothing Aloe
  1. Detox Soap with Bentonite Clay